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We help companies to develop new products and services which deliver positive user experiences

Our work is based upon Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, and Service Design methods. We dive deep into human experiences through research, bring up insights, develop prototypes, and create new service strategies and digital decisions.
We provide services in ethnographic exploration, design and user experience research. Among some of our tools are empathy and customer journey mapping, persona modeling, usability testing and co-creation.
After gathering insight from varied research data we formulate user and business needs; develop service scenarios, design and test prototypes for new decisions.
UX / UI design
We develop interface design for web and mobile applications according to best practices, build UX / UI systems and help to integrate them into business processes.
We keep exploring new methods and tools; apply them into our practice and share our expertise with others

Research, development and visual skills and knowledge are not enough for creating truly successful product or service design decisions. Multidisciplinary set of skills, including team work, management, and idea generation skills, is needed for a success. All of those and many others you might learn from Wonderfull lab.
We organize open workshops on Design Thinking, design research tools and UX / UI design. We provide special services for corporate clients on developing internal educational programs aimed at user-centered design and innovations.
We deliver consulting services for innovation teams while in the process of solving real business challenges. Some of theese services include consulting in agile processes implementation, user-centered research, and service development.
We welcome interns in various areas of our practice: human-centered research, interactive and UI-design, graphic design, education design, and development.
Types of innovation
We help launch innovations across industries and cultures reshaping business strategies.
Product and service
Development of new products and services using Service Design, Design Thinking, Human-Centered Development, trendwatching.
Innovation integration applying business model innovation, change management and organisational restructuring.
Trainings for innovators, corporate trainings for R&D labs, training sessions, corporate university courses.
Maria Stashenko
Founder & partner at Wonderfull
«The energy of innovation is like energy of a thermonuclear reaction — both are of a great and unpredictable power. To control this powerful energy one needs a lab, serious calculations and a team of highly professional specialists»
Putting methods into practice

By applying user research tools, service design and design development techniques, we improve workflows and maximise effectivenesss and efficiency of work processes.
Wonderfull lab team
Having implemented multiple projects in various sectors and industries we share our knowledge and experience to develop solutions of high user and business value.
Svetlana Chernova
Head of Finance
Alena Elatantseva
Office manager
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We are located on the territory of the CCI "Fabrika"
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