In 2014 we started collaborating with the government company Rosatom. Together we have been creating new working space design that satisfies users' needs and spurs creativity and innovation.
Our co-operation step-by-step

Ethnographic and design research
Identifying problems in the work premises and advising on new architectural solutions.
Design concept development
Creating a concept based on human-centered research and global trends in the work process design.
Guide creation
Developing a set of key rules for the workspace set up based on research findings and design concepts.
Design strategy development
Creating a concept of workplace set up in collaboration with designers and architects.
Human-Centered Development
Designing prototypes of workspaces using Design Thinking and Human-Centered Development approach.
Educational program
Arranging and conducting an educational program called "New working space design of Rosatom".
Svetlana Gubina
Project manager of "New working space design of Rosatom"
«Today's working space must generate synergies between people interaction, business processes and technologies. If this triangle is balanced the business results can exceed all expectations.»
We shared the following tools and methods with Rosatom

Design Thinking
Methods including Human-Centered Development, empathy and design research.
Design research
Research on work environment in terms of ergonomics, workflow efficiency, and human behaviour scenario.
Research of work processes
Secondary research on working operations and metrics of the workflow efficiency.
Designing workspaces
Architectural development of solutions based on the conducted research.
Educational program
Methodological and educational program including trainings led by design experts.
Design management
Project management of architectural and interior design solutions.
We continue co-operating with Rosatom on multiple initiatives. Together we create a participatory environment that promotes innovative and methodological change in a way people work, live and play.
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