Playing the Future
The instrument for product and service design based on global trends. Developed by experts at Lab Wonderfull.
A Trend Watching Game

Тренды будущего

Playing the Future 2.0
More features of the game board
Extended set of 72 trend cards
New jobs and empty segments for industry trends.
More than 30 new cards and an updated set of old ones.
What's inside?
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Customer trends
17 cards
Predicting the changes in customer behavior is a key competence and a basis for survival. Changes are influenced by global and local trends, such as new technologies, service models or political changes, etc.
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Cultural trends
19 cards
Earlier we needed some time to transmit information. Today we watch the fire in the Notre Dame de Pari online. This is the new context that changes our cultural code at a new level. What do we need to consider in order to create products and services in the new cultural context?
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Economic trends
16 cards
The direction in which the world economy is moving, how it affects countries and businesses. You can use these trends to make accurate and effective planning for your company.
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Technological trends
20 cards
Technologies that will affect all sectors of the economy, business and health.
Technological growth combined with lower prices and availability will allow even small businesses to use big data and AI.
Playing the Future: A Trend Watching Game.
The game revolves around ideating based on various trends and helps the playing team to group their ideas into 3 areas as by Venn Diagram of a successful product: People Desirability, Business Viability, and Technological Feasibility.

With Design Thinking methodology inside, "Playing the Future: A Trend Watching Game" makes your product human-centered and business oriented at the same time.

Throughout the game, your team makes sketches, develops fast prototypes and comes up with business ideas based on a number of trends.
The main aim is to understand how trends will affect your product in the future and how you can make changes in order to keep-up with global changes.
Inside the game you will find: an hourglass for 2 minutes, Dice and playing chip, a pack of stickers and markers for 6 people. You can start playing!
Game board
The board is divided into fields with tasks. Each field has its own task and the type of trend that you will use to generate breakthrough ideas!
Product Evolution Canvas
At the end of the game the team divides all the ideas into 3 waves of product evolution: Minimum viable product, Core product and Full-scale product with the Product Evolution Canvas.
We have prepared rules and tips for idea generation using Playing the Future. The rules will help you make the process more efficient.
During the game, participants create sketches, simple prototypes, and come up with ideas for their product based on global trends.
Who is this game for?
Product design and start-up teams
Coaches and teachers
High school and college students
Marketing and PR managers
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Playing the Future 2.0
72 global trend cards, playing fiend, rules leaflet, game set and the Product Evolution Canvas in the box
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Playing the Future 2.0
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Playing the Future 1.0
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Industry trend sets
You can now buy additional trend sets specifically for your industry. They will help you to anticipate the approaching changes, generate ideas for transformation and save time on research.
Industry trend sets
Price 2.970

Select trend sets for your industry to save time on market research, focus on industry changes, or expand your vision, enriching ideas with innovations from other industries.

For example: if you come up with a new format of the restaurant business, try combining the sets of Food Trends, Healthcare Trends, Urban Trends and Banking Trends. So you consider people's tastes, their attitude to health, how the city develops, what payment systems will be prioritized and technologically feasible for your business.

Telecom trends — 12 trends.
Food trends — 20 trends.
Banking trends — 19 trends.
Insurance trends — 20 trends.
Medicine trends — 20 trends.
Healthcare trends — 21 trends.
Urban trends -18 trends.

Order industry trend sets
New sets will go on sale in early July. Make a pre-order for your set — limited edition.
You can choose a set for your industry or order a research for your individual case.
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Industry trends
Choose your sets from 7 different industries. We recommend also using trends from neighboring areas
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Industry trends
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a game session
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