In 2013 Wonderfull helped Alfa-Lab develop innovative approaches to work and create new services.
Our step-by-step co-operation

Introducing Design Thinking methodology, Human-Centered Development and Empathy.

Teaching and training Alfa-Lab's employees on Design Thinking.
Research project guidance with an emphasis on real users' needs.
Maria Stashenko
Partner at Wonderfull
«We started our co-operation with a workshop where our participants learnt the tools of idea generation process focusing on clients' pain points. Design Thinking is a unique approach that allows us not to lose touch with the
end-user and at the same time to solve real business problems.»

We conducted multiple educational sessions on Design Thinking and service design, led rapid prototyping workshops as well as organised accelerated project team meetings.
The key objective of our work was to deliver expertise and skills that are widely used by modern service design practitioners in the field of innovation development around the globe.
Yuriy Chernyshev
Head of Development and Innovation of Internet banking,
«Thanks to the new knowledge, tools and skills, not only have we revised our approaches to NPD process but we have also modified the products to make them more intuitive and understandable to our customers.»
We shared the following tools and methods with Alfa-Lab

Design Thinking
Method of creating products and services applying Human-Centered Development, empathy and design research.
Usability testing
Encouraging users to test the product/service themselves.
Design research
Empathetic approach to working with a user and to dealing with sensitive information gathered during the research.
Role Models
Team building and teams collaboration techniques.
Rapid prototyping
Technology of swiftly creating prototypes or system models piloted and demonstrated to the user.
User involvement and participation in creating solutions that meet user needs.
We continue providing consulting services to the Alfa-lab team to ensure the effective integration of the new, user-oriented tools into current processes.
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