We assisted SAP CIS with implementation of Design Thinking methods at organisational, strategic planning, and innovative development levels.
Our collaboration with SAP started in 2012

First we created engaging and highly collaborative learning scenario for a seminar on KNOA User Experience Management.
Yana Andriyasova
Strategic Initiatives Officer,
«Design Thinking is not only a beautiful decoration of the facade, but more importantly it is a foundation of the framework. I am grateful to Maria Stashenko for our endless battles, her provocative questions and bold ideas. Wonderfull team became our valuable partner who equally shares our drive for success. Our educational initiative "Academy of Best Practices" has turned itself into the best practice!»
Implementation of Design Thinking methodology
Each year we undertake a variety of initiatives, the dynamics and outcomes of which prove to be results of our deep collaboration with SAP.
The experts and partners at Wonderfull shared their in-depth knowledge and experience in change management, organisational development, new approaches to strategic planning as well as approach to co-innovation and co-design.
Lilya Chueva
Partner at Wonderfull
«We have always applied only advanced and innovative tools in the SAP CIS projects and I am grateful to the corporate team for their openness and willingness to experiment. As a result of our work, Design Thinking methods are now introduced and actively practiced at every level of the development process and the decision-making at SAP.»
We shared the following tools and methods with SAP

Design Thinking
Method of creating products and services that are user-oriented. Human-Centered Development, empathy and design research.
Change management
Approach to a team transition from its current state to a desired state in the future.
Design research
Empathetic approach to working with a user and dealing with sensitive information gathered during research.
Organisational development
Approach to planning effort to increase organisational efficiency.
Strategic planning
Process of developing action algorithms for creating new products and services.
User participation in creating solutions that highly correspond to their needs.
We continue co-operating with multiple SAP CIS divisions to implement creative thinking, human-oriented approach to work and social innovation developments.
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