Natalia Pulyavina

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Learned Design Thinking at Stanford She was Visiting Researcher, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (Heidelberg University, Germany).
Natalia is working closely with leading researchers to understand the forecasts of transcultural communication, specifically in large corporations. Natalia also was visiting faculty at AppHaus Heidelberg. She was involved in investigation of AppHaus organizational culture process and designing new AppHaus Loft Space. Natalia is Associate Professor, Department of Entrepreneurship, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

She founded Next-Gen Lab Plekhanov (creative innovation centre in Plekhanov University) in 2017. She is also the holder of a patent on the innovative teaching method "Virtual Corporation". Now she is doing research in developing corporate culture of companies in an era of digital transformation. As part of her Academic Duties, Natalia is working closely with leading industries in Russia and leading German companies as part of Stanford Leadership Garage project.
Stanford design method. Past, Present and Future
Stanford design method. Past, Present and Future
We live in a turbulent world and modern businesses need to embrace radical change, where global challenges demand collaboration and innovation on a new scale. Now more than ever we need to be agile, flexible, and ready for change. This is where Design Thinking and related creative techniques make the difference.

Design Thinking, developed at Stanford University, has been successful in innovating new solutions in different fields, but it faces more and more challenges in the fast changing World. What could be next steps in developing Design Thinking techniques? In this talk, I will explore new challenges and opportunities of creative innovation through the analysis of the past and present experience of Stanford Design Thinking Method.
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