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Design Thinking Camp is an event for newcomers, practitioners, and experts in design thinking. It is taking place for the second time in Moscow on August 1st-3rd 2018
and organised by Lab Wonerfull.

We will be streaming all the lectures of the main program in English and Russian!
Oliver Kempkens, Germany
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 11:00
11:15 - 11:45
11:45 - 12:15
"Design thinking around the world"
09:30 - 10:00
Opening ceremony
Day in review
This speaker will be published soon!
This speaker will be published soon!
Julia Leihener
"The power of the human perspective"
Julia will share her insights and strategies in driving human-centered innovation in the industrial context based on her extensive experience working for such companies as Deutsche Telekom and Siemens Mobile. She will also share her expertise in employing design thinking tools to gain customer insights and talk about her experience in being engaged in future think tanks at large organisations as well as in the academic context.
Adam Little and Alexandra Fiorillo
"Behavioral Design for Social Impact"
Alexandra and Adam will share an introduction to GRID Impact's behavioral research and design process and recent work designing products and services for people living in poverty.
Zaza Zuilhof
"Prototyping at Scale"
At Tellart we prototype early and often. Prototypes help inspire, develop and test ideas, before knowing how to materialise them. They are powerful tools to gather insights from users as well as to align with clients and other stakeholders. In my lecture I will share the best of Tellart cases and talk about how prototyping at different levels of fidelity and different scales can serve design projects at various stages and various sizes.
Jane Kate Wong
"Future of Retail: Branded Service Design"
We live in an amazing time where digital technology has taken many different physical forms, with a rise in new interactions and sensorial experiences. But how will these new connected physical-digital spaces impact our lives? What do we expect out of space as we do with the rest of our digital artifacts? How can space, which is inherently static and natural, accommodate and meet our very digital behaviour? How can we make these spaces truly meaningful in our lives? These are the questions I will be covering in my talk at the camp.
Marie Bachoc
"Experiencing Empathy"
Marie Bachoc is a Design Thinking Program Manager at GE Healthcare Global Design Group. At the camp she will share with us her experience on how to put oneself in someone else's shoes, her learnings from conducting user research in various disciplines as well as innovative methodologies and approaches.
Stina Vanhoof
"Customer journey mapping as a long-term improvement tool"
At the open program of the camp Stina will be speaking about how an organisation can make sure to stay relevant and fulfill their customer's needs over time. Customer journeys are a great way of documenting these needs and actions over time to provide the best customer experience now and in the future
Jamie Black
"Work environment that supports contribution"
At our event, Jamie will give a talk titled "Contribution and Self-Awareness in an age of complexity and uncertainty." Through the lens of "contribution", this talk will explore the role of self-awareness in harnessing team diversity and a group's ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty in times of change.
Joris van Gelder
"Business design in the public sector"
The public sector — and more specifically healthcare — is infamous for its wicked problems and complex stakeholder networks. At his Design Thinking Camp talk, Joris will explore how to use design for change in this environment and provide us with cases, examples and reflections.

If you wish to learn how to use business design instruments, take a look at Joris' workshop in the business program
"Business design: from the boardroom to the living room and back".
Udit Bisht
"Cooking innovation with design thinking"
Design Thinking is not copy-paste. Every organization, just like every person, is different and with their own needs and challenge, in other words - tastes. From Udit's lecture titled "Cooking innovation with design thinking" you will get to know about the essence and principles behind Design Thinking, and how they can be used to "cook-up" innovation that serves you and your needs. You will see examples of how other innovators understood this and applied this in their own context, sprinkled with their own ingredients. Perhaps get first ideas for your own recipe to innovation?

You can make your first steps in design thinking method in Udit Bisht's and Selina Mayer's workshop
«The design teaser».
Online Streaming ticket includes:
access to live web feed of all the lectures and access to video recordings of these lectures during 30 days after the event

To access the web-stream:
Click on the link we will provide you with a week before the event.
Online Streaming ticket includes:
access to live web feed of all the lectures and access to video recordings of these lectures during 30 days after the event

To access the web-stream:
Click on the link we will provide you with a week before the event.
3.000 р.
+ video recordings of all the lectures during the period of 30 days after the event
approx. 50 USD / 40 EUR
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