We introduced a range of effective tools for managing development process of new service solutions. We also trained the employees and provided guidance on current projects.
We transferred methods of creating new services to Tele2 team

As consultants, we assisted teams in 2 different directions: development of a mobile app for Tele2 subscribers and creation of a new digital experience. Together we went on a customer journey to explore telecoms market and optimise the operator's launch in Moscow.
Alexander Nenashev
Project manager for Tele2 ,
partner at Wonderfull:
«Today many companies are interested in acquiring practices of creating useful products. But only few of them are willing to dive deep into the essence of the method and actually change themselves for the sake of their customers. In this project, Tele2 team has demonstrated a high degree of empathy to their users, which became the basis for the development of effective service solutions.»
Our team not only provided educational and consulting support but also participated in the development of alpha-prototypes for new interactive solutions.
Working on projects for Tele2, we focused on processes that would help us deliver solutions to business problems more efficiently through enabling deep positive user experience.
Nina Gyubbenet
Customer Experience Leader, Tele2:
«Innovations and user-orientation are not only today's global trends, but the means of company's survival. Therefore, our company practices advanced research methods and user experience design techniques to create products and services that people really need and value.»
We have shared the following tools and methods with Tele2 team

Design Thinking
Methods including Human-Centered Development, Empathy and design research.
User research
User scenario analysis (i.e. Customer Journey Map), usability studies, prototyping, testing, co-design.
Methods of teamwork
Facilitation, brainstorming, group sessions, and communication flows in interdisciplinary teams.
Today we keep on working and innovating together with Tele2 team. We share the very same aspiration: to foster a human-centered mindset and competencies that would generate valuable service solutions.
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