Elena Rychagova
Art director at Wonderfull
A creative entrepreneur and founder of Scriber.biz, a project specialised in scribing and graphic facilitation.

During 2003-2004 Elena worked as a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design at
St. Petersburg State Art Academy of A.L. Stieglitz.

A member of the Designers Union in Russia

In 2004, she founded
ORGANICA design consultancy, a company offering branding and packaging design.

Elena's professional experience includes large scale graphic projects for brands like
Danone, Provimi, Purina, Tele2, Daria, Haas, Reflect, Tetrapak and Stora Enso.

Now Elena works as a business facilitator, business infographics designer and scriber for WWF, SAP, Aeroflot, Deloitte, KPMG and other global companies.

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